Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » Tanning booths, diet pills and waxing popular among...teenage boys?


Forget snails and puppy dog tails. Today's boys are increasingly turning more toward sugar and spice.

OK, well, not really, but according to a recent study, adolescent boys are more likely to use tanning booths, take diet pills and have their bodies waxed (even if they think those activities are unhealthy) if they are influenced by their peers.

According to this article, a Baylor University assistant professor of fashion merchandising studied 155 boys, with an average age of 14.3 years, in seven schools in the eastern United States.

Among the findings:

~The number of teenage boys receiving spa services, such as hair removal, has almost doubled since the early 1990s. (Almost half of the 14,000 spas in the U.S. offer events and packages for teenage boys).

~The availability of over-the-counter diet pills and how they are portrayed in the media may make adolescents think taking them is the norm.

~And lastly, tanning has now become a sign of the leisure class, leading more kids, including teen boys, to fake bake (which has also led to a rise in skin cancer, surprise, surprise).

Personally, I blame Ryan Seacrest. But I guess the good news is that now more females can take advantage of those 2-for-1 deals at their local spa.