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It's hard to believe that only 10 years ago, I was using a dial-up computer and that getting a cordless phone in my house was a BIG DEAL.

Ha! Silly ancient technology. I might as well have been a caveman.

Yes, in only 10 short years, technology has moved along at lightning speed, forever changing our lives. As such, the Huffington Post has written a story about the dozen or so things that progress has made obsolete.


Like, say for instance, remember fax machines? Out. Yellow pages? Done. Encyclopedia sets? Google eats them for breakfast.

Why write a handwritten letter when you have e-mail? Or look through a catalog when you can just shop online? And why call someone to tell them "hi" when you can just text them "LOL :)"

While progress is great, it does tend to make you a bit nostalgic for the good 'ol days, when cell phones were the size of bricks (although I'm pretty sure no one is nostalgic for dial up and it's charming $&^786KH;=&^&^%&(& noise).