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OK, kids. Try as I might to make the younger generations look good, you're not helping me out much. As fun as it is to get lost in a good fantasy book such as "Twilight" (the vampire love story by Stephenie Meyer) please don't lose your grip on reality in the process.

For example, the Boston Globe recently wrote a story about how rumors of vampires roaming the halls of a Boston school disprupted classes and had kids fearing for their lives. It eventually got so out of hand that the headmaster had to send out a notice to staff, students and parents that said (wait for it...wait for it) there are not, in fact, vampires roaming the halls of the school.

So come on, kids. One day you will be leading the country. And the last thing we need when one of you becomes president is having Congress declare war on undead blood suckers. At least not without proof of WMD's.