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Many of you have probably heard about the new movie coming out in a couple of weeks called "Kick Ass" (and no that's not me gratuitously cursing, that's actually the name of the movie).

Based on the comic book of the same name, the movie is about average, everyday citizens who decide to become superheroes. They can't see through walls, be invisible or have any special abilities, but they can kick your...well, you know.

As such, we're doing a special movie edition of our M3 entertainment section for the movie release all about superheroes and we want to know what kind of superhero you'd be if given the chance. Everyone who writes in and sends us a photo will get featured in the edition.


Then just send us a photo of yourself (preferably a head shot) along with the answers to these questions:

What would be your superhero name? Why?

What non-supernatural powers would you have?

Who would your arch-nemesis be?

What would your costume look like? me at Deadline to send it in is by noon on April 12.

To learn more about the movie, head on over to