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So, not that I'm bitter or anything (insert bitter laugh here), but here at the Advocate, I work with a bunch of iPhone touting, Apple loving, techno savvy journalists (of course, not that there's anything WRONG with that...especially considering the majority of them are my bosses).

As a result of this, I, as a Droid-touting, PC using, techno clueless journalist, am often the butt of many jokes (which is particularly cruel considering I NEVER dish it out and typically just work quietly at my desk as I polish my halo).

But why am I bringing this up in a blog? Well, all this friendly techno-banter came to a head yesterday when we were all at a webinar about how to report in the field using an iPhone. I don't want to name names (Chris Cobler, Gabe Semenza, Tom Martinez, Robert Zavala) but let's just say some of the people in the webinar were Droid-bashing. Considering I was wicked outnumbered, my only recourse was to bring it up on the Interwebs.

And so, I'm taking this fight to the people. Which is better, Droid or iPhone?

P.S. Whoever says Droid will win a free pineapple signed by yours truly.