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Question: What should you not get your kids this year for Christmas?

Yes, friends, say hello to Vamplets, a line of designer vampire baby plush dolls. And good news: They come with their very own bottle of blood, according to the news release that was left on my desk by my good friend and colleague Kayla Bell.

Seriously. Check out For only $16.95, you too can own Evilyn Nocturna or Burton Creepson Jr.


Each one comes with their own skull or bat-themed hair accessories and a fashionable diaper. The new vampire parent can also print out their baby's Undead Certificate and customize their online tombstone on the website.

Once again, not kidding.

See what you've done, Stephenie Meyer? I hope you're happy (which, let's face it, you probably are considering you're super-mega-rich now).