Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » Drunk history: Abreham Lncollin was 'da...(hiccup)...bomb


No matter how textbooks and the History Channel try to jazz it up, history is still, well, boring to many people. And that's why we now have Drunk History.

Thanks to those kooks at, there are now several videos of history "lessons" where people who got schnookered on wine and vodka talk about an event in history! It's a great place to learn interesting facts such as William Henry Harrison liked to do all his own grocery shopping for the White House and when he was dying, the doctors threw leeches and snakes on him. You also discover that Abraham Lincoln was a fan of the word "dude."

So, if you're bored (or drunk), check it out. And stay tuned for my next educational blog, where I discuss Math on Acid.