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A big pink unicorn frosting thank you goes out to my esteemed co-worker CJ Castillo for bringing this to my attention.

Are you a man? A man that likes cupcakes? A man that likes cupcakes but tries to hide it because pink frosting and girly sprinkles are too frou-frou for your manly tastes?

Well, then do I have a solution for you! The Butch Bakery.

Yes, this New York-based company is finally tackling the battle of sexism and cupcakes. For too long, women have had a stranglehold on the cupcake industry, with most bakeries appealing only to them and their aesthetic senses.

But no more, thanks to the Butch Bakery (where "butch meets buttercream").

Yes, at the Butch Bakery, you have a manly assortment of cupcakes to choose from, such as the Driller, which is a mix of chocolate and bacon bits. Or the Beer Run, which is infused with a nice blend of chocolate, beer AND pretzels.

As an added bonus, the cupcakes also come in an assortment of manly styles, such as camo.

But wait! There's more!

They also deliver (insert manly Internet high five here).

So men, feel free to scratch those bellies, burp the alphabet, eat your manly cupcakes in public and laugh heartily at all those guys still stuck eating their wives' wimpy desserts.