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Joshua Jackson doesn't want to wait for his life to be over. That's why he decided to hold Pacey-Con 2010.

For you fellow "Dawson Creek" geeks like me, you'll be thrilled to know that Jackson resurrected the unforgettable TV character Pacey Witter (my very first imaginary husband, by the way) as he ran amok around San Diego this week, handing out fliers and even reading his own "Dawson Creek" fan fiction.

Unfortunately, some other supposed "convention" was also going on, interrupting this monumentous event. Luckily, however, was there to capture it all on video.

Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson from Joshua Jackson

So yeah, take that you Trekkers.

(Just kidding, Trekkers. I heart Commander Riker forever).

(Although not as much as Pacey Witter).