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So, I'm married. I know! I can't believe he actually went through with it either!

But he did and outside the realm of my professional life, I am now Mrs. Huddle. <---how weird does that look, eh?

Luckily, now being a matronly wife has not changed me much nor made my sense of humor any more mature. And as such (you just knew there was an "as such" coming, didn't you?), I'd like to present to you, in my first blog ever as a...WIFE (dun-dun-DUNNN!), a lovely little article I found on

Of course, this being the day after the Oscars, everyone and their 88-year-old grandma with a keyboard is analyzing every aspect of the three hour award show. Naturally, with my gnat-sized attention span, this bores me greatly. Thus, why I was so thrilled to find took a different approach.

The link above takes you to their site in which they have renamed all 10 of the Best Picture nominees into what their titles really should have been.

Should you be feeling a too little lazy today to click that mouse (it is Monday, afterall), below is a sampling:

Avatar: (From the guy that knows how to spend $280,000,000) "Predictable"

Up: "Suck It, Dreamworks"


Inglorious Basterds: "Inaccurate Trailer"