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Although I've lived in Texas for over four years now, (CORRECTION: I've survived Texas and its giant, mutant insect life for over four years now) I still like to keep up with my good 'ol home state of Ohio (you know, that state that was famous for setting its river on fire?).

So imagine my surprise when I learned the Internet is lighting up over Ohio's Big Butter Jesus.

What is Big Butter Jesus, you ask? Well, prior to today, it was the giant statue I always passed by on my way home from Cincinnati to my small hometown of Sidney, Ohio.

But now, it's the Big butter Jesus that is dominating Google trends apparently.


The statue is located in front of a church in Monroe, Ohio and is visible from I-75, a major Ohio Interstate. And technically its called "King of Kings" (although some of the more clever Ohioans have dubbed it "Touchdown Jesus").

Why this is news now, I have no idea, especially since the statue isn't actually made of butter (although THAT would be quite the accomplishment, no?). But who am I to judge why Big Butter Jesus is making Internet waves? I just thought I'd share with you a little bit of my