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I'll be honest. I don't know what flowers and puppies and grassy fields and teenage girls twirling and giggling have to do with (insert embarrassed whisper here) "feminine products," but what I do know is that according to the people that make those products, those things are intrinsically linked.

For whatever reason (I suspect societal taboos that make it awkward to talk about things like...gasp...tampons), when it comes to advertisements for most of these products, it's easier to decipher a James Joyce novel than it is to figure out just what the girl on the beach twirling and skipping in slow motion to cheesy music is selling. For all I know, it could be Monistat or an online dating site. Or heck, Cheetos.

But at least one company is finally addressing this ridiculous taboo. Kotex is launching a new ad campaign that takes a more realistic approach to selling its products.

According to,

The Dallas-based company is introducing a new product line called "U by Kotex." An integrated marketing campaign debuts this week and includes three TV spots with the tagline "Break the cycle." The spots satirize the unrealistic images associated with past feminine care ads, such as women dancing around in white spandex.

While no one likes those TMI commercials that give just a little bit too much description of the "symptoms" women suffer "down there," (you know the ones I'm talking about...shudder) judging from what I've seen so far of the new campaign, it's taking a more witty and gross-free approach.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: