Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » The Japanese remake "We Are The World"...and it's EPIC


There are few YouTube videos out there in the world that can change your life. The few exceptions might be the people traumatized by "Two Girls, One Cup" and anyone who was unfortunate enough to sit through the Chupacabra trilogy by yours truly.

But folks, I have found another video that just may change your life. And by that I mean at least waste a good five minutes out of your work day (it's only 2.5 minutes but trust me, this one needs to be watched twice...possibly three times, if you're self employed or your boss is out of town).

There is a Japanese remake of "We Are The World"on YouTube. And I mean, they went all out, including dressing up as the original celebrities in the 80's (as you'll see, the one Japanese woman totally nails Cyndi Lauper).

And so, for your viewing pleasure, I've posted the video below. And as much as I hate to admit it, I think it's better than our own recent American remake of the song (call me an old fogey but I don't get this whole Justin Bieber thing).