Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » iLame: Apple losing some coolness points with Gen Y


Blame it on fickle youth or perhaps the fact they named a product after a menstrual cycle, but Apple has lost some of its cool factor.

According to, a survey of 18-to-34-year-old adults found that in April, Apple showed a steady erosion of its "buzz score" since it hit a high on March 18, dropping from a high of 80.2 to 66.1 this week.

Uh, what? Yeah, in layman's terms, all that adds up to is Apple losing some of its steam with the tech-crazy teens and 20-somethings.

New York Times columnist Nick Bilton also addressed this in his column "Has Apple Lost Its Cool?" on May 5. Bilton writes that with all the negative press the company has been getting lately, its tight rein over the app store, and with all the current ligation going on, the company may be hurting itself.

"Many consumers — in opinions expressed on blogs and Web sites — see Apple as a haughty and bullying company. In part, this may be because Apple is no longer an underdog in the industry. The company’s market cap fluctuates between $230 and $240 billion, not far behind its big brother Microsoft, which sits around $260 billion," Bilton wrote.

Never fear, however, you "Hi, I'm a Mac" people. Apple is still doing well (and by well, I mean still raking in bah-jillions of dollars daily).

Per Bilton, "But all the litigation and negative press hasn’t hurt Apple’s sales. People are lining up to buy iPads and iPhones and swooning over announcements of new products."

So feel free to still flash your shiny new iPad in the face of your non-iPad-owning co-worker's face (cough...Gabe...cough).