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Ohio's new state motto: Come for the corn, stay for the obnoxious sorority sisters.

Yes, it appears my Alma mater, Miami University (not to be confused with Florida's University of Miami), is in a bit of hot water these days, as are two other Ohio universities, for the wild (and sometimes downright unsanitary) antics of their sororities at their spring formals.

According to the Huffington Post two chapters of the same sorority (one at Miami and the other at Ohio University) caused significant damage to the venues where they held their formals and were caught in a series of...ahem...unladylike behavior, including sex in front of a cheering crowd, defecating outside the venue and vomiting all throughout the venue.

And then another Miami sorority was accused of trashing their spring formal venue, which just happened to be a museum dedicated to the Underground Railroad.


But wait. It gets better.

A third Ohio sorority also got in trouble for the ruckus they caused at their spring formal.

Now me, I've never really been the sorority sister type. So I couldn't tell you if this was par for the course for the ladies of Tappa Keg Adayya or whatever it's called, or if it's just a fluke that three sororities, all from Ohio, managed to embarrass themselves and their school within weeks of each other.

But it does make those beer pong tournaments my fellow journalism students and I had look tame by comparison. Ah, kids these days.