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Ah, the daily grind. We all dread it. Luckily, there are more ways than ever (thanks to technology) to goof off at work.

Better yet, the Huffington Post has put together a list of seven sites that will easily help you whittle down the hours of an otherwise boring day at work (not for me personally, of course...I never procrastinate at work...ever. I only spent 12 hours on the following sites so I could write this's called research and junk).

So forget that looming deadline and boss breathing down your neck and go check out:

Bread People, which takes celebrity faces and morphs them with various kinds of bread products (for example, their most recent creation was 2 Live Crouton, combining, what else? 2 Live Crew and Croutons).

Please Fire Me is a sort of FML, where people can rant about their jobs. The latest entry? "Please fire me. My co-worker decided to state after watching a gangland movie the night before that she didn’t want to join a gang because she didn’t want to be killed by, “a thug, heroin usin’, gun wieldin’, black man or Mexican!” Then she clarified, “I don’t want to be prejudice."

What do you get when you combine funny photos of owls with even funnier captions? Hungover Owls.

A teacher strikes back. Middle School Proverbs is a hilarious blog by a frustrated teacher dealing with today's middle school students. (Excerpt: "After accidentally writing on his own hand, a student asked me the following question: “Mister Karabekian, is it true that permanent marker never comes off your skin, for the rest of your life?”).

Privilege Denying Dude takes a witty and snarky view at the "usually middle-upper class heterosexual white males defending the idea that individuals are solely responsible for their own fate, opportunity exists in a vacuum, and America is the land of the free -- all while ignoring the indirect and direct advantages they experience each and every day." (Example: "Why should I take women's studies? What about men's studies?").

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam has a live stream of adorable puppies 24/7. Puppies!

And last but not least, Epic Meal Time has a bunch of dudes making the most unhealthy meals of all time and then has some cute chick eat it. Simple. Yet, possibly brilliant.