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OK, first of all, I know what a horrible title that is. But I wanted to write a blog about Sony announcing they will no longer make cassette Walkmans and my creativity piqued around 11 a.m. today we are.

Horrible pun-y headlines (that make little to no sense) aside, it is with a sad heart I share with you this news. As a child of the 80's, the cassette Walkman was an important part of my formative years. In fact, on a recent trip home, as I was going through my childhood treasures at my mom's request (or, as she so eloquently put it "go through all these boxes of your crap and start getting rid of stuff, kid") I found all my old tapes. From New Kids on the Block (don't judge me) to Milli Vanilli (OK, judge away), they were all there in the hot pink carrier I used to schlep around as a kid. Better yet, were all the mixed tapes I painstakingly created by listening to the radio hours on end only to finally catch my favorite songs, push the record button and then have the deejay proceed to talk over half the song (darn you, DJ Krazy Pete from 94.1!).

Oh, I can't tell you how many times I laid on my bed as the sounds of Debbie Gibson (yes, I can feel you judging me again) or Blondie washed over me. And then the squeaky-squeaky noise that followed as I rewound the tape to play "Electric Youth" again (What? It was a good song in its day).

But no more. Sony announced that it shipped its last batch of tape-playing Walkmen back in April.

Granted, I love my iPod. And that I no longer have to listened to DJ Pete's voice over the beginning of "Walk Like an Egyptian." But there is still a sense of sadness.

It's the end of an era.