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Come this Friday, "As the World Turns" won't anymore. After 54 years, the long-time soap opera will air its last episode.

Now while I was always a "Young and the Restless" girl myself, this is sad news for anyone who has ever become engrossed in their "stories" (as my grandma called them). Many of these soaps have been on for decades and have generations of fans. For instance, my mom was a Y & R fan and thus passed the tradition down to me. In college, I even scheduled my classes around the show and during that one particularly pesky semester when I couldn't, ended up skipping the majority of my biology class (in my defense, how could any reasonable professor expect me to miss the story arc where Nick and Sharon were on the VERGE of DIVORCE!).

The fact that even one of these shows, let alone the dozen or so that have lasted, have managed to do what so many other TV shows couldn't (re: stay on the air) is truly amazing. And it's all because of the fans.

As such, with "As the World Turns" ending, I'm looking for fans of the show in the area to interview for an article I'm working on. I'd also love to watch that final episode with some fans to get their reactions to how it all ends after all these years.

If you're interested, hit me up at 361-580-6514 or e-mail me at

And in the meantime, please to enjoy this classic Dr. Bob scene from the early days of the show: