the conditions have changed and we have been able to fish the surf this week,
Sunday i had some friends from Austin down , they had fished the bays friday, saturday, and sunday morning, they had limited success, they called me about 9:30 and asked if i had time to take them out and catch a kingfish. we loaded up in my Shoalwater Cat and headed for the jetty, trooled for a while, nothing, so we pulled the lines and headed for the catwalk (1st rig) seas were great was able to travel at 30mph so it didnot take long. set the lines out and started trolling, the 1st king hit after about 400 yards mark played it and i gaffed it was 51 inches, we continued and caught 2 smaller ones with-in an hour and had to head back in.
report for monday; those that went to the surf was able to find good trout but they had to hunt; tuesday: the bit was mid-morning and the hunt was still on,
wed i went out with some friends, we all had to do other things so we could not stay long, we headed south hit several spots found one troput and of course ladyfish,
we back out late afternoon to the jetty started free lining croaker along the rocks, ladyfish sharks and 1 3lb trout, went east along the shoreling, we fround the bait and birds. we just knew that this was the place, yep it sure was for ladyfish, jacks, and sharks, no trout, headed back to the dock just before dark. grteat fishing , just not much catching,

capt henry