i had a group of 20 -five boats we headed out of clarks (+)(-) 6am
a couple head south and three of us headed out the big jetty and turn east water is greatwe stop and put a few in the boat bite is not as fast as you would expect with the conditions. we move on down catch a few and move on, we caught some really nice trout and reds. capt ric rucker and i were about 15 miles from the jetty seas were great so we head out to the closest rig (mi 582) catch some big sand trout

and play with a few ling capt ric and his guys play one ling for 35 minutes landed and measured 35" it was gently released to fight another day.
the day ended with all boats showing up at the dock safely with all fishermen accounted for, with a lot of fish and stories about the big un that got away