Image Image Saturday Oct 18 i took my step daughter and two of her friends out to catch a few fish.
My boat motor was not sounding well so i borrowed a friends and off to the jetties. The tide was running out hard and it was a little rough to get outside so we fished inside along the north jetty. Catching was slow, around 2pm the tide slowed and the water was looking better, but the girls were getting a little tired,i told them we would try one more hole before we went in. We baited the lines and befor the last one was in the water we had 3 fish on, you should have heard those girls!! it was priceless!
and we got all in the boat, all nice slots, and the action was on. We kept 10 slots and one black drum and released 2 bulls and had about 3 break-offs. back at the house we clean the fish and fried up a few  to eat, it did not take long for everyone to crash after the meal.

Capt Henry