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Image Image Image Image Image Image on wed i fished 4 blackhawk pilots from the KS Nat Guard that were in Victoria flying recovery missions due to Ike, they had the PM off and found their way to POC.
took them to Matagorda Island to pick up shells for their kids back home, we then went to the jetties for and afternoon of great fishing and a lot of stress relief for them.
we caught redfish, black tips mangrove snapper.
They had talked to me about setting up another trip so that they could bring all of their support team and give them a thank you for keeping the birds in the air trip. Thursday morning Capt Hoover called and said their mission was over and that they were flying back to KS on Friday and could I set a trip up for the team, that afternoon for 20 people!! holy cow it is 10:45 am and I needed to find 4 more boats and be ready to fish by 3PM. Phone circuits in POC were humming by 11:30 had confirmed, Capt. Ric Rucker, Capt Keith Gregory, Capt. Joe Surovik, and Capt. Walter Karnstadt.
I had also talked to Don Haynes of the famous  BBQ Team Smokin Nuts, which i am a proud member of, and sets plans in motion to feed these fine members of the military after their fishin trip.
We all met at Clarks Marnia assigned people to boats and headed out for one of the best trips of the year, these service men and women were great to be with, I am glad to know that they were here for us. We got back to the dock before dark; pictures and and cleaning fish, we had limits of redfish on most boats.
We left Clarks and headed to Don's house to eat, Don had brisket, chicken, sausage, potato salad ect....set and ready to go, like all who serve our great Nation they know how to eat, the official dog of the Smokin Nuts, Bullseye, did not even get a taste.