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Image This cannon was recovered on July 7, 1999, from an unidentified shipwreck know as the Carronade Wreck, located at Pass Cavallo in Calhoun County. It has taken ten years but it has finally come home, to Port O'Connor. I started trying to get it back in June of 2000, after many meetings and trips to Austin a landmark agreement was made between the Texas Historical Commission and Calhoun County so that the Carronade could reside in Port O'Connor at the Library. It has been at Texas A & M where the conservation took place. I will not go into what has taken so long to get it here, I am just glad that it is.

The markings on the carronade's left trunnion are the letters "LM" identifying the Low Moor foundry in England as the maker, on the right trunnion the letters "SOLID" and the number "7". The gun was cast solid and then bored out. It was found to be a 4.2 caliber made sometime after the early 1790's