As some of you know back in the first part on July, while out fishing I contracted a staff infection. I went to the Doctor ASAP!!! was on the right drugs but they worked a little too slow,so I ended up in the hospital for 4 days with the IV running, I go home and take more pills.

The infection seemed to have cleared up BUT NO it comes back on me in a different place, (of course),back to the Doctor, catch it in time no hospital this time, YEA. Hey and all this time I am trying to follow ALL of the Dr's orders, you know eat right, watch the sun, not drinking the wrong things, take all of the pills infection gone everything healed up. NOT just a soon as i try to start my normal routine this bug come and slaps me again, call the doctor everyone throws up their hands, he ships me off to another doctor. He runs more and different test, he gets the results back finds the first doctor prescribed all of the right drugs, he said I just needed to stay on them longer????????????

Oh well I need to get well and work the boss says we're in bad shape (money wise). I know this is a long story but I guess I am lucky compared to some that caught bugs while out fishing our local bays.

Anyway after 4 months of doctors, hospitals, and drugs I am finally "BUG" FREE, but my body was weak from inactivity and being inside out of the heat. I start getting back into a "normal" routine, but the body was revolting and all of the aches and pains that are residual from my youth and military service start slapping me around. What the heck I am not that old! My wife also has her share of medical problems that we deal with on an ongoing basis (hey am I crying to much yet??) Faith Hope Prayers and a Good step son, has shown me a product that helped my body become stronger and give me more energy. It is called SOZO, it is a drink made from the coffee berry (the same place that the beans come from)3 oz a day and my energy level has been going up and my pain has decreased, For more information go to

Good health to all and if your fishing watch out for them bugs.