Friday the tide was high J.D. and I fished the lagoon we did not have long to fish as the wife and I had to go to Victoria and watch the grandson play baseball. We caught 3 nice slots and some rats, the water temp was 74. We went to the ball game, the new sports complex in Victoria is very nice, while there the front blew in HARD. On Saturday morning Capt Bob Hill and I to a scout trp over to Matagorda Island it was a cold trip over west winds and high seas, better them than me camping out, Sunday morning we picked them up and sent them on their way back home. They had a great time,(must be nice to be young), I picked up Joe G. and family from Austin and we fished the ICW to the Victoria Barge Canal. The water temp was back in the mid 60's and the fish were not very hungry, we did catch rats, dinks, and small flounder. Overall it was a nice day of fishing with a great family. With more fronts on the way we are just going to have to grind it out till the weather stablizes. Image

Capt Henry