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Steve Benard shared A friend of mine, while computing her taxes recently, decided to compute ALL taxes she pays. She didn't just compute her income taxes. She included the social security and medicare taxes. She included the tax on her car, property taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, etc. Everything! It amounted to 66% of her income! That is another big reason why most Americans have no real savings. It's because between inflation (which is just a hidden, but real, tax on savings), and taxes, our government is redistributing everything in the modern socialist welfare state. They're already doing it! We are rapidly approaching the point that Margaret Thatcher spoke of, that the problem with socialism is that eventually, you really do run out of other people's money! And when that day arrives, describing our society as a "living hell" will be an understatement, because those over-50% of Americans that feel entitled to the fruit of someone else' labor will still feel entitled, and so they'll just take it. That's what happened in the Roman empire. Josephus also described the same phenomenon when the Romans laid siege to Jerusalem, as prophesied by Christ, in 70 AD.