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I appreciate the right to demonstrate for both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice but am unnerved by Pro-Lifers' demonstrations targeting Victoria schools (Middle Schools, Jr. Highs, and High Schools) and their use of graphics displaying disected/aborted fetus' (signs are around 4 foot). I have stopped and expressed my opposition to these signs and the demonstrators fall back on the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech). They are denying students (and their parents for that matter) the right to be subjected to these abominable graphics. Students do not have the "choice" to go to school....they are "forced". What gives these demonstators the right to subject MY CHILD to these morbid graphics without MY permission. There are laws in place that prohibit alcohol/bars within established distances from schools. It is illegal to display nudity on billboards. Why is there not a law that prohibits these demonstrators from subjecting MY CHILD to these morbid graphics? Shouldn't it be MY decision whether or not to subject MY child (possibly as young as 12-13 years old) to this visual? Shame on you and your signs!