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My husband thinks he's married to a bald, middle-aged Jewish man.

We are both huge fans of the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Its writer and main character is Larry David, who also created and co-wrote the phenomenal “Seinfeld” series. Mr. David is a bald, middle-aged Jewish man; he plays himself in “Enthusiasm.”

Mr. David, in case you aren't familiar with this highly comical and often improvised show, is socially inept. In every episode, he commits at least one social infraction, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes not. His character really resonates with me—I suffer from a deficiency where interpersonal skills are concerned. His wife and others close to him find his mannerisms to be slightly “off.”

The thing is, I can't find many faults in his behavior. Here are some commonalities I share with Mr. David:

I really enjoy popping shipping bubbles. This activity is major stress reliever for me, even though it tends to annoy those around me.
I don't enjoy “stop-and-chats,” especially with people I don't know very well. What ends up happening is the other person and I meet in, say, a hallway and make small talk. I am no good at small talk; therefore, a brief but uncomfortable silence ensues. I depart from this meeting with the utmost haste and disregard for tact, despite the fact that I probably like the other person and mean no offense.
I don't understand the need for dozens of decorative pillows on a bed.
I am easily irritated when the sleeves of my shirts lose their elasticity at the wrists.
*I am germophobic to the point that I have borderline OCD tendencies. This means that I cannot stand to eat or drink after others, and sometimes I even cringe at the thought of shaking hands with certain others. (Hey—I've seen too many people leave public restrooms without washing their hands. Eew.)

According to my husband, there's an inexplicable bond between Mr. David and I. A bond that cannot be understood by many. He thinks Mr. David and I are two peas in an strange pod, or that we're perhaps the same person.

You know what, though? I have a feeling we are not the only 2 people on this planet who feel/act/live in somewhat “unconventional” ways. Perhaps that's the reason “Enthusiasm” and “Seinfeld” have become so successful over the years. It's my suspicion that more than a few viewers can relate to such idiosyncrasies.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.