Blogs » Quixotic Quicksand » Doing My Part to Prevent Disease—and Rudeness


There’s an epidemic on the rise. It’s a malady that appears to be contagious, as I’m seeing more and more people affected by it every day. It’s serious enough that I have to make sure I continue to take my daily vitamins. It’s sending communicable diseases flying through the air so quickly that I can barely outrun them.

What is it, you ask? Well, it’s called “people not covering their mouths when they cough.” Within the past few weeks, I’ve observed a disturbing trend—people are shaking in coughing fits of Ebola proportions, and they’re being rude to everyone in their wake. These people are not even making the slightest effort to prevent their nasty germs from being imposed upon others who are forced to be around them.

Why has this happened? When did we lose our manners? Who told everyone it was okay to do this? As I’ve indicated in a previous post, I am terrified of communicable diseases. This fear is compounded by the fact that I have asthma. Anyone else’s minor chest cold can easily become my Emergency Room nightmare. Nothing inconveniences me more than having to hold my already-weak breath as I walk quickly past those who are so inconsiderate just so that I can breathe untainted air.

So here’s a note to those who have apparently stopped thinking about everyone but themselves: Your rudeness can literally kill others who have serious respiratory problems. Please think about children, the elderly, and others who are more susceptible to life-threatening diseases. Please use your hands to cover your mouth. That won’t kill you.

Thank you.