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Here are my ten items for this fine Thursday:

I prefer cool, rainy days to hot, sunny days. And yes, I am aware that I reside in wrong region to expect this sort of weather with any regularity.

I am a city girl. I haven’t gotten acclimated to country life in the past two and a half years; therefore, I don’t anticipate that I will ever be so acclimated.

My morbid fear of heights extends to highway overpasses, bridges over bodies of water, and even the rooftops of one-story buildings.

My hair is a naturally curly abomination that gets cursed by its possessor daily.

Donut shops scare me. I really have no idea why.

I have a recurring dream that I am Madonna’s best friend. Yeah, we hang out together about once every two months—while I’m asleep.

I own an old Victrola that I plan on fully restoring someday.

I have never seen any of the “Lord of the Rings” movies, nor do I plan on doing so any time soon. I think I am one of about four people on Earth who can actually say that. On a related note, I probably won’t be watching Peter Jackson’s “King Kong,” either, because certain body parts begin to suffer if I attempt to sit through a three-hour-long movie in its entirety.

I require an inseam of at least 34 inches on all of my pants. It goes without saying, then, that shopping is F-U-N for me.

I refuse to eat mayonnaise when it is served with warm foods, such as burgers. I guess I’m afraid of it, too. (I didn’t realize exactly how many things I am afraid of until I began this week’s list!)

Well, I learned a bit about myself this week. And you learned that I am every bit as strange as you imagined. These blogs will do that to a person!