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Yesterday was, and I apologize for the banality, the first day of the rest of my life. I graduated from University of Houston-Victoria. No amount of eloquence can accurately recreate the feelings I experienced as I set sail from the docks of my ambitions to explore uncharted worlds.

The support I received, both during the years leading up to this point and during the ceremony itself, is staggering. My professors, family members, and friends—including JB Alexander and her cowbell—made my spirits soar higher than I ever thought possible.

The professors. What can I say about them? Where else but UHV can you find staff and faculty members who will seek you out of the crowd, walk up to you, and congratulate you with a sincere handshake or a heartfelt hug? Because of these sorts of gestures, I now realize that I would never trade my experience at UHV for any other sort of educational experience. Ever.

The family members. They drove the sometimes excruciating drive all the way from Dallas just to see little ole me walk across that proverbial stage. They came bearing unexpected gifts. They couldn’t stay long, but every minute they were here was a moment I’ll forever cherish.

The friends. JB and her family—and the cowbell. Fellow graduates. My best friend—my husband. They allayed my biggest fear, the fear of hearing only the chirping of crickets as I accepted my rolled-up pseudo-diploma from the UHV president. I am certainly indebted to them.

The festivities are over now. The gown, the tassel, the Gamma Beta Phi stole, and the honors cords hang dutifully in the closet, waiting for their shadow box so that they may shine in all their glory for innumerable days. The resume needs updating. The mind needs to keep working by means of leisure reading.

As for now, I see nothing on the horizon. Nothing, except for the flashing lights of the buoys that mark my path toward unlimited growth and heretofore impossible possibilities. Starting now, I’m grabbing the brass wheel of my determination, adjusting the canvas sails of my attitude, and slicing through the waves of my future at full speed.