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It’s not too obvious that I’ve been studying poetry for the past few months, is it?

I have a life. And this so-called life requires certain things of me. It requires me to be away from my television set at numerous points throughout the day and night. Therefore, I take full advantage of the digital video recorder (DVR) technology that graces my cable TV receiver.

As I understand it, I am not the only person who uses this glorious invention. That being the case, why—I ask—why do Web site content advisors choose to put TV program spoilers in the headlines of their entertainment news sections?

Just a couple of weeks ago, my life got in the way of my television viewing, as it usually does, and I had to travel out of town. It was okay, though, because my trusty DVR had me covered. I certainly didn’t want to miss my chance to absorb the latest episode of “Desperate Housewives” and find out about the condition of Gabrielle and her unborn baby.

Come that following Monday morning, I had not yet gotten a chance to watch my show. However, I wanted to take a moment to get on the Internet and fuel up with my daily dose of news. And there it was—the previous night’s “Housewives” show (and Gabrielle’s condition), summed up neatly and succinctly in one simple, hyperlinked line.

In this increasingly digital day and age, we should consider the fact that not everyone watches their favorite TV programs at the same time. This is 2005, for crying out loud. If I want to watch “The Office” on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays, then I’ll do it! But I don’t want to read about its plot revelations when I’m not intentionally seeking to do so.

Web site content folks, please make the spoilers a little harder to find, huh? If I want to read about what happened on the show, I’ll be glad to do a little bit of searching or clicking to find out so that others aren’t surprised by any information they don’t wish to see just yet.

My DVR, so full of entertainment potential. Sometimes it pains me to know that what lies inside its memory has been inadvertently ruined by my own eyes. But such is life, and life goes on.