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Numbers. They’re such frustrating little characters. They can be quite difficult to manipulate. From time to time, each of us makes an error when punching these numbers on a keypad in a particular order so as to reach a specific person via telephone. It happens to the best of us.

However (and you just knew there was going to be a “however”), the best of us use proper “wrong number etiquette.” We apologize for the mistake and hope we haven’t disturbed the person we’ve accidentally reached. We make sure, upon our second attempt to dial the phone number, that we are indeed dialing the number of the interlocutor with whom we really intend to speak.

Unfortunately, the people who reach me by accident are not among the best of us. They are ostensibly unaware of “wrong number etiquette.” They become belligerent with me as if it were my fault that they dialed the wrong phone number. And inevitably, my phone rings again fewer than 10 seconds later, the same belligerent people using the same belligerent tone as I introduce them to the same dial tone.

Hey, don’t place the blame on me if you don’t know how to operate a telephone.

One such ignorant person called me a couple of months ago. I went through the usual rigmarole two times with her. On the third try, I was the one who became bellicose with my words as I instructed her to quit dialing my number looking for “Sally.”

Well, over the course of the next several days, she proceeded to harass me by calling me and simply sitting on the line silently. I would hang up, and she would call right back and just sit there. Oooh…Way to get me back. It really did hurt my feelings. I’m sure you can feel my sadness radiate through your computer screen as you read along.

What’s amusing is that this life-lacking imbecile made it a point to make her calls anonymous, although her initial call—which was still logged into my phone’s call history—was not anonymous at all.


I was able to trace her calls to Victoria’s own Crain Middle School. Folks, it’s a scary thought to think…Tomorrow’s leaders’ futures lie in the hands of school employees like this genius, who obviously has enough time in her day to neglect the students’ needs just to bother little ole me.

So, to those of you who don’t know any better, get a clue. YOU are the ones who have misdialed. Apologize, and get over it. It happens. That’s why we all love numbers.