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In a rare move to violate one of my own unspoken blog rules, I am going to broach a topic that is political in nature. Why? Because I am hurt.

I spent the early part of my evening driving around frantically in DeWitt County searching for the new location of my precinct’s polling place. After profuse sweating, rampant cursing, and some strategic driving that Jeff Gordon would be proud of, my husband and I made it to the polls with a minute to spare. No exaggeration. Whew, was that close or what?!

So, imagine my despair when I learned a few moments ago that I am apparently living in a hurtfully regressive society—Proposition 2 has been approved by my fellow constituents, according to Reuters.


I don’t really know why this statewide proclivity for discrimination surprises me the way it does. It just does. I guess I’ve been living in denial, hoping in earnest that voters would eventually do the right thing and be the forward-thinking individuals that they really should be.

But instead, we get to have provincial legislation approved by the some of the same people who’ve quite possibly contributed to the deculturalization of our schools through their approval of the No Child Left Behind Act. What’s next in line to be voted upon—scarlet letters? I am so terrified for my country’s future.