Blogs » Quixotic Quicksand » Do you know who your <em>real</em> friends are?


I spoke with an old friend over the weekend via telephone. Her voice was a sound for sore ears. Her thoughtfulness in calling me sent my spirits a-soaring. Her positive attitude radiated through my cell phone. Needless to say, it was a refreshing experience to hear from her.

That experience prompted me to ponder the phenomenon of the Friend. The real Friend. The one who doesn’t judge. The one who offers that sound advice. The one who reasons with us when we lose our rationality. The one who does tell us if a certain pair of jeans makes us look fat or if it's not a good idea to bet on this week's Cowboys game.

This Friend is with us for a lifetime. We can tell whether we’ve got one of these Friends by simply talking with them on the phone. If it’s been months since we last spoke with them, our conversation flows as though no beats were ever skipped. There are no awkward pauses. There’s no lack of conversation material. There are no hard feelings if too much time has passed between attempts at correspondence.

I miss my dear friend but whenever I speak to her, it’s as though I’m right down the street from her. Therefore, I never fret too much about being several hundred miles away from her—she’s always a few clicks or key punches away from me.

Do you have one of these Friends in your life? If so, take a moment to contact him or her today. Send an email or make a brief phone call. Show him or her how much you appreciate the comfort, stability, and laughter he or she provides you in times of need. These Friends may come along only once in a lifetime, and they are part of what defines us. Let’s show them how extraordinary they really are.