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It happened last year, and it's happening again now. I have the urge to run away with the circus.

I attended the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend. When I visit Renaissance festivals, a sense of escape overcomes me. I get to be someone else—or perhaps I get to be the real me for a change. The vendors, entertainers and cast members all seem to enjoy their jobs immensely as they provide people like me a viable escape route from the hectic everyday world. Also, they get to travel throughout the country and meet all sorts of interesting people. It makes me want to join them.

I have nothing to offer a Renaissance festival, however. So there goes that idea…Or maybe not.

Running away has appealed to me from time to time, but I don't want to run alone. I want my husband to come with me. As a matter of fact, he's starting to make his own chainmail armor and leather items now. If he becomes good at it (and I think he will), he can sell such crafts at the festivals on his own, or maybe he can work with an experienced vendor. Why, I can even learn the trade myself and help him make beautiful works of art and period costume pieces!

It all seems so magical. But does it seem like a plausible reality? Probably not.

Keep yourself grounded. Focus on your studies. Be realistic. These are the exhortations that keep invading my daydreams. But who’s to say that working in such an environment isn’t a realistic idea?

My ultimate goal is to have spent my working years in a way that I won’t regret when I’m 80 years old. I don’t want to suffer from a bad case of the reflective “what-ifs” later on in life. One thing is certain, though, as I spend time contemplating this issue: As I walk the tightrope of life-changing choices, the circus goes on…With or without me.