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False starts. I know all about them. I’ve had a few of them in my life. I put the key in the ignition, I attempt to turn the key, and the engine doesn’t turn over. Faulty wiring, dead batteries, and corroded spark plugs have left me stranded several times on life’s road to success, happiness, and overall fulfillment.

It appears that I may soon be going places, though. I’ve gotten a new vehicle with which to travel life’s highway. That vehicle is my education. I’m almost ready to break this new vehicle in and check out its many features.

However, every time I look at, a feeling of inferiority stalls me, and my self-esteem runs out of fuel. Will I ever be good enough? Will they like me? Will I make it? Is my degree going to be enough?

I don't want to doom myself by having a doubtful attitude. However, this is only my life, my future and my family's future I’m dealing with! How can I NOT worry? This will be the part of my life where the buck stops, in a way…No more false starts.

I've loved cars and racing since I turned 16. Sadly, I don't have the background, professionally speaking. How can I convince them that I am the one who should be their PR person/Media person/Purchaser/Whatever Else? I am afraid I am going to develop an ulcer before I even get out of school.

When the appropriate time comes, I'll gladly pay my retainer fee, board a plane to Charlotte, NC, and give it my all. I just want someone to allow me to do just that. All I can do is just that—give it my all.

I am ready to take life seriously, turn the key, and let the engine roar. After all, there’s no AAA on the roads I’m about to be traveling.