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A few months ago, I was reading one of those celebrity gossip rags, and I came across something that's been nagging at me ever since I read it.

Adam Sandler had just purchased a $13 million manse. Cameron Diaz had also purchased an abode of her own for around $2.7 million. Apparently, Diaz was "cheap" because she didn't splurge on a more expensive (obtrusive) estate. With her "tiny" 2,800- square-foot home, I would suppose that she shops at the local Dollar General, with coupons. Or at least that's what these tabloid dealers would have you believe.

Since when was shelling out $2.7 million dollars on a house considered frugal?

The author of this particular article that I was irritated by purports that an actress who makes $20 million per movie should consider being a bit more liberal with her money. Did this author ever think that maybe Diaz was being somewhat realistic? Come on. She is not married and has no kids. Even if she was married and had kids, what would she need a bigger house for? I commend her for not indulging in (as many of) the excesses of Hollywood as her colleagues frequently do. Props to my gal. It makes me like her even more.

I'll go one further, however. If I was well off, I wouldn't even need a $2.7 million, 2,800-square-foot home. Give me a smaller home in a secluded location, and I'm set. I'm a very low-maintenance girl and proud of it. All I request is that my home be made out of stone, concrete, metal, wood, and glass. No bricks, no carpet, no Sheetrock, and probably not even any tile. I see myself in a rustic, open environment with lots of glass. Forget about space—I'd be traveling too much to want or need it.

In all, no big house for me, even if I were Donald Trump. Nope. Why not? Because I will not have that sort of excess in my life. I couldn't let that waste of space bury itself in my conscience, especially considering the poverty and loss I’ve seen in the world around me. I refuse. I guess I’ll go join the ranks of misers like Diaz.