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Though the sun is shining as brightly as ever in Victoria today, a dark cloud hangs over the city and the surrounding regions. The cloud casts shadows of uncertainty, of anxiety, of impending peril. The cloud portends the looming threat that is Hurricane Rita.

The atmosphere remains unsettlingly calm today. There’s nary a breeze to tickle the branches of the unknowing trees. The heat of summer’s waning days, though it has outstayed any welcome it may have had, continues to have the region trapped in its debilitating stranglehold.

Shelves at the local grocery stores sit starkly empty, silently wanting to tell people who stare at them that they are sorry they hold no more water, no more batteries, no more lumber, no more protection, no more sustenance.

As we, the area’s inhabitants, warily take the necessary precautions and flock toward shelter, we are certain the wind will indeed be at our backs, literally. Also, the roads will rise to meet us and take us to a calmness that isn’t ominous but welcoming and necessary.

Please be safe.