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Please note that the following diatribe is nonpartisan. I’m trying to denigrate neither the Right nor the Left. I am simply questioning some vote-seekers’ zealous campaigning antics.

So Steve Tyler wants to be Victoria County’s criminal district attorney. That’s fine. We could all use some ambition in our lives. But Tyler’s slogan—the one that’s plastered on countless roadside signs in the area—has me perplexed.

Steve Tyler
A prosecutor…NOT a politician!

OK, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that any person whose attainment of a governmental job is contingent upon a popular vote is indeed a politician. If one has to clutter our fields and medians with signs, signs which seem to be growing into larger and larger eyesores with each passing election, then he or she is a politician, and as such, needs my vote.

I will not be wooed by such foolishness. In fact, these signs—not only Tyler’s signs, but also Dierlam’s, Lockhart’s, and many other political candidates’ signs—have a sort of reverse effect on me. I want to make sure that I don’t vote for these folks when I make my dutiful trek to the polls.

Forget partisan ties and political stances. I’ll just vote for the people whose names—and puzzling slogans—haven’t been crammed down my throat for 90 agonizing days.