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Note: This post, like the previous one, is unrelated to partisan politics. I don’t intend to defend one side or the other; I'm merely giving my opinion from a nonpolitical point of view. If you’re looking to argue about politics, please go elsewhere. I know not enough about 1980s politics to engage myself in that sort of debate. Thank you.

Although Presidents Day was originally established to celebrate the birthday of George Washington (and later, that of Abraham Lincoln, another February baby), it now gives us the opportunity to appreciate the lives and times of all presidents of the United States.

Consequently, for the first time ever I decided to choose a favorite president and defend my choice. After some soul searching, I chose Ronald Reagan.

As a child in the 1980s, I looked up to him as an icon of the American Way. After all, he was the president of the United States; by that right, he was a powerful world leader—one who helped to drop the Iron Curtain. And I am sure he did other commendable (as well as formidable) things, also. I just can't remember many of them, and I don't care to get into a political discussion about such things.

But to me, he embodied assurance. Mr. Reagan was what I considered my "security blanket." Back then, I felt safe, and I trusted him to protect me personally from war, poverty, and the like. I, like many other children, was raised to hold the utmost respect for our president. I wanted to meet my hero and stare up at him in wide-eyed admiration in the way children often do when they encounter their idols.

So, when I think back to all the times I went swimming with friends, played on the swing set in my parents' backyard or rode my bicycle around the neighborhood on sunny and carefree afternoons, I remember how simple my life was. No bills, no stressful jobs (or lack thereof), no harrowing love life hanging over my pre-adolescent head.

Ronald Reagan will always be associated with the memories I have of a mostly normal, jovial childhood. He is, in my mind's eye, permanently synonymous with warmth, candy, Kool-Aid and Kool-Aid stands, sunshine beaming on my face, Pac-Man, Swatches and “The Karate Kid.”

Who is your favorite president and why?