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Have you seen this? It's an advertisement for Louis Vuitton designer handbags and accessories, and it features none other than former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

This advertisement is a far cry from the painfully embarrassing Pizza Hut commercial in which Gorbachev starred in the 1990s. You see, in the Louis Vuitton ad, Gorbachev's slightly ill-at-ease appearance adds a level of coolness to an otherwise hideous-looking bag. I would normally never buy such a clichéd, oft-mimicked product of marketing drivel, but Gorbachev would be one of the few people to convince me of the bag's potential for niftiness.

Look at him sitting there in the back of that car (a Black Maria, perhaps?), tightly gripping the door handle and looking as though he's being chased by the KGB. There's an inviting mystique about this advertisement, thanks to Gorbachev. Now...Let's hope he doesn't get any ideas about being a spokesperson for Victoria's Secret!