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Head-on collisions. They happen to me every day. Although they usually don't occur at high speeds, they're sometimes painful. Why does this happen to me so often?

Because I choose to walk on the right side of a walkway.

When did American people decide to pretend like they're living across the pond? Why is everyone so inconsiderate as to walk on the left side of hallways and sidewalks and other pedestrian thoroughfares?

What I've stated doing lately to combat this crassness (or laziness or stupidity or whatever you want to call it) is playing chicken with offenders. The closer they get to me, the more I stand my ground. I've even knocked some people out of my way simply by glancing off dreamily into the distance while continuing to walk on the right side¬ówhere I'm supposed to be.

Sometimes, I am really put off by setting foot in public places because of the likes of fools who seem to outnumber mindful people like me.