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Image Go ahead. Ask me if I watched the premiere of the sitcom "Caveman."

...To answer your question, no, I didn't. I refuse to do so. My intelligence has been insulted at the very idea that some marketing execs thought I might like to watch a 30-minute GEICO advertisement. I'm not falling for it. GEICO might not even be mentioned in the entire show, but the GEICO virus has been planted in the viewer's mind. And I will not succumb to such base advertising techniques.

With the drivel being served to us by the major American media outlets, we'll all be cave people before too long. They'll dumb us down until we make Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" a reality--we'll all live our lives based on sponsors. We'll get our food dispensed to us from ATMs. We'll shun books and all other tools of intelligence.

I shudder to think...Which is exactly what corporate American is hoping for.