Blogs » Quixotic Quicksand » You know how certain songs have memories attached to them?


Whenever I hear “Life in One Day” by Howard Jones, I am transported to my youth. I was about 10 years old when this song was blowing up on Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40.” One hot afternoon, my mother, my little sister, and I were pulling into our driveway while this song was blaring in our trusty ole Ford Thunderbird. We happened to glance over our fence and into our neighbors’ back yard, where their children were ostensibly playing atop their wooden fort. The younger of the two kids, a rather overweight little girl, was stuck between two slats in the fort’s splintery railing. The older of the two kids proceeded to laugh hysterically (as we did) while the beleaguered one cried and screamed for help.

I don’t know how she ever got herself out of that predicament, and I am not even sure her parents were aware of the spectacle at all. And I remember it. If only that memory were worth money.