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Rock Band: Unplugged.

While the Guitar Hero series favors the DS and it's accessory, it's very much different with Rock Band (As it always is.) Rock Band favors the PSP with no accessory or handheld drum set or guitar in their new game Rock Band: Unplugged for the PSP that hit the stores in June.

While the art style, menus and background animation seems like the Rock Band we know and love, the engine, control scheme and the overall feel of the game just screams Frequency, a music game developed by Harmonix before Guitar Hero was even a twinkle in Alex Rigopulos's eye. RB: Unplugged handles exactly as Frequency, with the exception of 4 notes instead of 3, and the control scheme changes to fit the newly added note.

When the song starts, you're given four tracks (From left to right: Bass, Drums, Vocals, and Guitar) with notes falling down each track. Your goal is to play the notes on the track with the Left D-Pad, Up D-Pad, Triangle and Circle buttons. When you play perfectly for a couple of measures, the phrase is completed, and the track will start to play on its own. Pushing the shoulder buttons will switch between the four tracks. You move to another track and play the notes there perfectly to complete the phrase, thus causing that track to play on its own for a bit. It's the same thing over and over, but it's anything but repetitive.

There's a World Tour mode where you can customize your band, dress them up and buy them new instruments to maximize the style of your game. Also, there's a Survival Mode to test your skills where all the tracks go at once rather than having phrases to play, and a Warmup Mode that gives you the freedom of switching to one specific track and play it for the entire song. With 41 tracks to play with, 3 modes and tons of venues to play through, this game will keep you occupied for a long while. Also, the Endless Setlist will also take a good 2-3 hours of your time.

If you own a PSP, and you're looking for a good music game to play on long trips or if you're bored, then this is a good game to look at.