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Sooo~ Fat Princess is set to release this summer. I'm sure it'll the most awesome thing to grace the PSN since Pixel Junk swore it's undying loyalty to Sony. I've only got one problem with this game. Why did they have to make it a fat PRINCESS? Huh?

Are Princes too good for this game? Fat men need love, too!

I mean, it's as simple as adding an option as to whether you want to save the Princess or the Prince! It's a model and texture thing. There can't be that many models for sitting, eating and then being carried back to the castle... Use the same coding, different voice actors and models/textures. That's all it takes, Sony! But fat men aren't as cute as fat women, huh? It's good to know that we're shaping a world full of people who make fun of men for not being saved enough!

I know this is old news, but it's still making my blood boil! So I figured that this -tragedy- would have to be the first post I stick in my new blog.

I'm never buying Sony again!