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Sony wants to completely go digital with their PSP collection. Supposedly, most of the current PSP titles will be ripped from their UMDs and uploaded onto the PSN Store. Then, from the release of the PSP Go onwards, all PSP games will be made available in both UMD and on memory. With the Go's 16 GB in built memory, I'm really thankful for the service these guys are going for.

Also, they're shooting for an App Section, too. The only limit would be that it has to be under 100 MB, so it's possible that games aren't going to be the only thing on this market. Hooray!

I can imagine all the things being made available. If you buy the PSP Camera that is (HOPEFULLY) coming out, it'll have a built in microphone. With this mic, we can get one of those crazy apps that identifies songs through small clips! gasp Amazing! The trick would be getting it under 100 Megs. But with the power that the PSP's packing, a lot is possible if the iPhone can do it.