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Seems to me that if the true goal is to get health care for all, we just need a plan that no one can oppose. Cut the politics, quit trying to line the districts with "pork", keep it simple. Here goes.

  1. Crack down on Insurance companies. No dropping people, insure preexisting conditions, etc.

  2. Allow insurance competition across state lines.

Now follow me here, I am not a Socialist but I think there is a need for health care reform:

3a. Set up a basic public plan that will cover catastrophic medical issues(the government plan)Use the Medicaid, Medicare, VA framework which is already there. It can simply be expanded and fine tuned.

3b. Provide an incentive for employers to cover their workers(maybe a cost plus 25% bonus tax write-off) This way all citizens have at least a basic coverage, employers can provide benefit for employees and get a benefit themselves. This eliminates the fear that "all companies will drop insurance and put everyone on the public plan. Seems to be Win Win. Costs? Sure there is additional costs but still has to be cheaper than scrapping the system and creating a whole new bureaucracy.

  1. Cut the fraud. No question it's there. Let's stop it. Use the money to pay for there basic plan and the tax incentives.

  2. Address the tort reform issue so that Doc's are providing the best and safest care without having to practice defensive medicine.

I could be wrong but just seems to me that a simple plan such as this would meet the health care goals while satisfying both political sides and would not require several thousand pages of legislation.