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The mosque controversy has been all over the airwaves. Let be right up front, I think that the idea of putting the mosque in this location is insulting and insensitive. I agree that there is probably a legal right to build it, but does that mean they should? The "Prez" missed a great opportunity to stand up and show some guts and patriotism and say "hell no you can't build it" but; sadly, he bowed again to Islam and did not.

Sure, you can argue property rights, but hasn't the precedent been set for not allowing things that just "shouldn't be?" We, in many cities, have prohibited smoking in restaurants and bars for the public good, even though the owners of the establishments own the business, pay taxes and want to allow smoking. We prohibit bars and sexually oriented businesses from being located near schools and churches. Would a KKK Hall be allowed to be built next to a MLK Museum?

I heard a comment on the tube today that we are in a no win situation. If allowed, the mosque is a symbol of triumph for the Muslims; if prevented, it will be a rallying call throughout the Muslim world that we are intolerant. This may be true, but it is my humble opinion that it should not be allowed. Change laws, make amendments, whatever......JUST DO IT!

Check out the link from Pat Condell.....should make you did me...

Note: Pat Condell is a British stand-up comedian, but this video isn't comic, it's pure truth, and utterly brilliant. Forward it to everyone you can.